Data Recovery Software.File Recovery &

Data Recovery Software.File Recovery & Undelete Software.FAT.NTFS Recovery from Bitmart Inc.
Trying this one right now.

Only $49 for a version that handles NTFS and FAT and $29 for one that handles just NTFS. Tempting

Update: A bit twitchy about errors, I think after a while I think it gave up and acted like everything was fine. I ran it again and it seemed to run to completion, but the partitions it came up with for recovery made no sense. There were about 19 of them. None the right size, and most containing linux files which is odd, because if this drive ever had linux on it, it has long since been filled with NTFS files, almost to the brim, as well as defragged. It would be suprising if their were old traces of ext2fs around.