R-Studio – Data Recovery software

R-Studio – Data Recovery software for Windows OS and Linux
Seems to share UI and some underlying code with the previous product (similar diag/error messages).

Update: After running through the scan, this one demostrated much much better results. I think I am going to buy it. The NTFS-only version is $49.95.

Now I have to install the new drive so I have a place to recover to.

Update2: New huge-ish (80GB, 1000x larger than the drive in the Mac I bought a decade ago) drive is installed. I should have my files recovered by now, but I am being slow and indirect.

I want to add right here that R-studio did a much better job of recovering the directory structure on my dry run than any of the others I tried. It actually shows the original directory structure more-or-less intact and with the original names. The others (if they got anything at all) have a bunch of generic directory names at the root of the hierarchy and nothing that resembles a deep folder like “Documents and Settings” in terms of its contents.