GreaseMonkey & Textile

GreaseMonkey is a Firefox extension that lets people write useful JavaScripts that execute against selected web pages. I’m tried using it with a script that will process any text box using Textile to turn a simplified markup into proper HTML.

I tried using it just now to enhance the very basic edit control presented in Movabletype 2.66 when using FireFox. It made it very easy to create the links I used above with a minimum of typing. I also tried to use it to make numbered and bulleted lists, but I had trouble getting the syntax right, and ended up having to repeatedly rerun it. As a result, I accumulated all sorts of difficult to read crap in the HTML, including multiple duplicate paragraph tags, and break tags where I didn’t really want break tags.

I thought it might be a buggy implementation of Textile, but I just visited the cannonical implemenation and found that it is also rather unforgiving about rework.

3 thoughts on “GreaseMonkey & Textile

  1. Phil Wilson


    Any particular example on what’s broken, exactly?

    Regexes are always pretty hard to start hacking once they’re already in-situ, and especially when there are other regexes following it which expect certain output πŸ™‚

  2. Phil Wilson

    Oops, actually I misread yout post. Ignore my last line – I thought you were talking about two issues: rework of the entered textile and rework of the Textile code, but you’re only talking about the former, sorry, it’s early πŸ™‚

    What do you think about Gareth’s suggestion in my comments here ?

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