Textile Plugin for MovableType (formerly Textile: Humane? My Ass!)

After posting about my frustration in “trying to use the GreaseMonkey Textile Script”:http://www.geekfun.com/archives/000487.html to ease the formatting of entires into my “MovableType Blog”:http://www.geekfun.com (aka what you are reading right now), I kept thinking about it, and the more I thought, the more I fumed. “Textile”:http://www.textism.com/tools/textile/ bills itself as a “A Humane Web Text Generator,” but my experience was that it was totally unforgiving of human failing — if you made a mistake and didn’t realize it until after you’d had textile convert your text, the experience of fixing the text and re-using Textile was painful.

I was stalwart, perhaps even giddy, in my determination to channel my righteous indignation into a scathing blog entry. Then I realized that the problem was a simple implemenation issue. The client-side implementation may present problems, but as long as its implemented on the server-side, and does the HTML generation as part of the page rendering proces, everything is cool, as long as the user gets to work on the unconverted Textile tagged text whenever they make edits.

So, I went looking for something more suitable and found Brad Choate’s “Textile plugin for MovableType”:http://bradchoate.com/mt-plugins/textile. The install was easy. I just had to download the archive file, upload two files to my installation, tweak the permissions, and regenerate my posting bookmarklet to show the text formatting drop down menu.

I’m assuming that everything else is going to just work. I guess I’ll see once I hit the Post button.

_Update:_ It works, once I got rid of spurious spaces and other cruft. Bravo to “the creator of Textile”:http://www.textism.com/about/ and “the creator of the MTTextile”:http://bradchoate.com/brad/.

That will be all.

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