What’s up with Newsvine?

Did someone forget to water “Newsvine”:http://newsvine.com?  It launched a few months back, promising to be some sort of revolutionary community driven local news hybrid, or something like that (I’m not so good at remembering or inventing marketing speak). I was intrigued, but didn’t get around to looking at it until now, so a few days ago, I made their “Seattle page”:http://seattle-tacoma.newsvine.com/ my homepage. Near as I can tell, its showing exactly the same stories in exactly the same order as it did the first time I viewed it.

I’m pretty sure this is not how it is supposed to work, but hell if I know what’s supposed to be happening. It’s a Seattle based company, so I’d think that the employees, and some of their friends and family would be semi-active users and help seed it with stories to show. Appearantly not.

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