The Web on my Terms

It’s amazing how many websites try to insist that you’ve accepted their terms of use just by browsing to a page on their site. Actually, “amazing,” is the wrong word, “ridiculous” is better.

How can you know what their terms are without first viewing a page on their site and clicking through on a link to them? Of course, by then, you’ve already agreed to their terms, or at least that’s their dubious assertion. How can you agree to terms you haven’t even reviewed?

I figured that turn about is fair play, so I downloaded an extension that lets me “add headers to every HTTP request”: my browser makes. I then created my own terms:

X-user-terms: By answering this HTTP request, you agree that I am not bound by any ridiculous terms of use that you try to impose on me for merely viewing your site.

My terms are much more reasonable than theirs since they have a chance to review them before serving a page to me.

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