Foreign Policy Malpractice

Think of how horrible it would be if you went into the hospital for an acute appendicitis and the surgeons, rather than cleanly removing your appendix, took just a bit of it and instead removed both of your kidneys.

It would be even worse if they arrogantly dismissed your complaints of fever, weakness and sharp pain in your abdomen for a couple of years while simultaneously insisting that they had to take your kidneys to cure your appendicitis.

It would be an unthinkable horror if the same medical team, rather than loosing a malpractice suit and their medical licenses, instead portrayed themselves as heroes and campaigned to give you a liver transpant.

Ok, so now pretend that your inflamed appendix is really al Qaeda in Afghanistan, pretend the surgeons are Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney, that Iraq is the spot where your kidneys used to be and your threatened liver is Iran.
Oh yeah, and pretend that Bush is acting like some sort of hero for his determination to keep Iraq from becoming the “center of an Al Qaeda created caliphate”:

Think of what a fucking nightmare that would be.

Oh wait…

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