It’s not just another job site, it’s!

Signaling to the world that he is ready to rise to the highest levels of the webpunditosphere, Erik Speckman announced today that he has created his own job board to serve the extremely discerning members of the Geekfun community. With “”:, Erik joins such luminaries as “Michael Arrington”:, “Joel Spolsky”:, and those coolies over at “37Signals”:

“”: was developed in a little over 20 minutes using Erik’s existing WordPress installation, a static page, a new CNAME record, a mod_rewrite rule and some pecans and raisins for a snack. Posting a new job is as simple as leaving a comment. Editing or removing a job will have to wait for the future, because, as Speckman explained, “It’s a really hard problem to solve the right way.”

When asked what other improvements new featuers people could expect in the future, Speckman said “Once I close my first VC round I’m totally going to hire a management team to make sure the featureset has some AJAX and microformats and stuff. They’ll also be charged with making sure it just generally sucks less.” Once aboard, the management team will take the lead in raising a second round to pay for software development, infrastructure, and a sales team.

Please! It’s that important.

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