Al Qaeda to Ring in Ramadan with Nukes?

Lots of conservative bloggers are all over “rumors” that Al Qaeda is going to use nuclear weapons (or is it “nucular,” “nuculear?”) against US targets at the start of Ramadan.

A lot of thoughtful comments on the matter, like jake341 on Little Green Shitballs Footballs, who offers this brilliant insight:

sure hope not, but, if they do, good! That will be just the excuse to finish this thing once and for all.

Reading more of the comments confirms that a significant portion of the commenters on Little Green Footballs are actually so batshit insane that they think that unloading a bunch of nukes into the middle east and “nuking it to glass,” will secure the United States and solve the problem of islamic terrorism.

Personally, I’m not too concerned with these particular rumors. I’m much more worried about the rumors I’ve been hearing. Space aliens are set to invade the earth next week. They’ll all be wearing our skins like wetsuits before Al Qaeda, or anyone else, has the chance to use any nukes.

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