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iPhone Hacked (partially), Thanks to “DVD Jon”

Big news on the iPhone hacking front:

iPhone Unlocking Progress, Thanks to “DVD Jon” at iPhone Unlocked
Jon Lech Johansen, who was the first person to crack DVD encryption, has released a Windows utility called the “iPhone Activation Server,” that allows you to activate your phone without iTunes, AT&T or a credit card.

The major caveat is that an iPhone activated this way isn’t really a phone. The iPod and WiFi work, but you can’t stick in a Tmobile SIM and use it on their network. At least not yet.

Incompetent Doctor-Terrorists Obey Hippocratic Oath, Do No Harm

All eight people involved with a series of pathetically bungled “terrorist attacks” in Brittan and Scotland over the last few days were involved with Brittan’s National Health Service, the Guardian newspaper reports.

All eight people arrested have links with the NHS – seven are doctors or medical students and one worked as a laboratory technician. All entered the UK legally.

At least two were doctors, and two others were trainee doctors.

The attacks came in two waves. One involved two cars loaded with gasoline, propane, and nails left in downtown London. The first smoldered, the second had been towed to an impound lot before anyone realized something was amiss. Neither sounded capable of inflicting more than minor property damage, though they could have killed or injured firemen who might have tried to douse the burning vehicles. The next involved crashing a Jeep Cherokee filled with similarly flammable materials into an entrance of Glasgow’s airport and then running around on fire, screaming.

The sheer incompetence of the plot must have Brittons terrified, not at the prospect of more terrorist attacks, but at the possibility that the rest of the staff of the NHS is as overwhelmingly incompetent at medicine as these eight appeared to be at mayhem.

Relatives of one of the suspects also seemed stunned at the staggering incompetence.

Jamil Abdel Kader Asha, Dr Asha’s father said that he learnt about his son’s arrest through the media and claimed his “son is incapable of such acts”.

Yes, clearly incapable.