Lovemarks: Rebranding Branding

I went looking at the website for “Lovemarks”: Lovemarks claims to look at a “future beyond brands” and I went looking at it to see if I could find any anecdotal data about how someone who uses “mystery, sensuality and intimacy” to inspire “loyalty beyond reason” (like “Bookcrossing”: ) turns that into profit.

Given such fluffy language, it was probably a fololish quest so I shouldn’t have been suprised that i found nothing of what i was after on the site. They do have a book to sell, but from the table of contents, I don’t have much hope of finding any of the meat I’m looking for.

If you believe in Lovemarks, then you believe that even in this day and age, that most advertising is just as woolly headed as ever, where half your ad budget is wasted (if only you knew which half).

It’s quite a contrast from the world of pay-for-performance advertising, where Google, and its customers, seem to be doing so well (which is probably why “Google is #14”: on the Lovemark rankings)

Personally, I’m not all that interested in Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy with a corporation, but if that’s your kink…

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