Monthly Archives: September 2006

K2 0.9.1

I upgraded the theme on this site to “K2 0.9.1”:  It fixes various bits of wonkyness I noticed in 0.9, including:

  • Permalinks for the “asides” that show up in the links section of the home page now point to the correct item
  • Page titles that include apostrophes are now encoded properly in the “title” attribute of the links to the entry.

I’ve also noticed a bit of new wonkyness, but it hasn’t been repeatable.

I like the features that the K2 theme adds.  I’ll be interested to see what sorts of “skins” other people end up building on the infrastructure it provides.

I Can’t Write

Perhaps this entire blog makes the point well enough on it’s own, but I’ll just belabor the point with this post by stating flatly: I can’t write.

I grind my teeth to chalk trying to find some sharp expression of my muddle of thoughts. Simple e-mails take hours and then need to marinate overnight before cooking, and even then, the results are bland with the texture of overcooked meal and undercooked gristle.

The Next Driver of iPod Upgrades

A few years back I realized that iPod hard disks would likely outgrow people’s music collections, removing a big driver of people trading up to larger iPods.  I figured that Apple would have to find some way to use up more disk space in order to keep driving upgrades.  Video fills hard disks, but as John Gruber points out, it also makes people eager for larger screen sizes and better battery life.  Apple has at least a few more years of heavy upgrade business ahead of them.

Daring Fireball: Showtime: The New iPods
In the same way that storage capacities have grown over time, so too will screen sizes. And when larger-screened video-playing iPods do ship in 2007 or 2008, it doesn’t prove fools who reported that they were going to ship last year or this year right.

Al Qaeda to Ring in Ramadan with Nukes?

Lots of conservative bloggers are all over “rumors” that Al Qaeda is going to use nuclear weapons (or is it “nucular,” “nuculear?”) against US targets at the start of Ramadan.

A lot of thoughtful comments on the matter, like jake341 on Little Green Shitballs Footballs, who offers this brilliant insight:

sure hope not, but, if they do, good! That will be just the excuse to finish this thing once and for all.

Reading more of the comments confirms that a significant portion of the commenters on Little Green Footballs are actually so batshit insane that they think that unloading a bunch of nukes into the middle east and “nuking it to glass,” will secure the United States and solve the problem of islamic terrorism.

Personally, I’m not too concerned with these particular rumors. I’m much more worried about the rumors I’ve been hearing. Space aliens are set to invade the earth next week. They’ll all be wearing our skins like wetsuits before Al Qaeda, or anyone else, has the chance to use any nukes.

I’m Sick of LonelyGirl15

Last week I posted a link to “someone’s analysis of the LonelyGirl15”: phenomenon. In doing so, I misspelled “lonely” as “lonley,” transposing the “e” and the “l.” The result is that I’ve been getting more and more hits as the “news” of lonelygirl15 has reach even local TV stations and newspapers around the United States.

I was suspicious of the whole thing in the first place, and now I’m sick of it. I’m sick of looking at my logs and seeing people flocking to this crass bit of media manipulation.

I do have to give credit to Chris Patterson, Shaina Wedmedyk, and a law student who whishes to remain anonymous. Together, the three lured whoever it is that was checking lonelygirl15s mail on myspace into giving up an IP address, and then managed to track it to the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a big player in the entertainment industry.